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Recovery Connector (RC) is an easy to use and inexpensive marketing tool for treatment providers to use in their community outreach. The worst thing that can happen in this industry is to have service “beds” go unused because referral sources were unaware that there was availability at a treatment center. An unused bed costs the facility in terms of lost revenue opportunity and it is one less treatment day for someone who REALLY needs the services!

  • Postings in RC allow providers to let referral sources of all types know of availability in as close to real time as possible
  • Choose from a wide variety of categories to make postings available
  • Credits are purchased in volume and used as needed
  • It is easy to post services with customizable instructions as to the type of service available AND who to contact at that facility
  • Postings expire in 24 hours and are easy to renew as services become available again

Letting known referral sources know that you are posting to RC will allow them to monitor RC for your openings rather than relying on cumbersome tools like email blasts from the provider end, or overuse of the phone to double check availability. RC frees up provider phone lines at the same time as it frees up time for referral sources to concentrate on the people they see in the field.

Recovery Connector is HIPAA compliant and only yields results that are providers who are actively taking new patients.

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